Get more closer to the IP communications Core Computance Co.,Ltd. is developing the technology so that the personal computer may use the advantage enough for the people who are too familiar and do not have IT such as one not good either. The technology is called TLAMP. TLAMP is a technology that harmonizes the Internet with the voice. As a result, it becomes more familiar the information technology.

Trade name Core Computance Co.,Ltd.
Address 4-2-7, Shimaya, Konohana, Osaka
Tel. 06-6147-3327
Fax. 06-6147-3398
Mail address
Incorporated June 6, 2007 in
The paid in capital Five million yen
President Kazuhiro Asada
Type of business software development related to the type of business Internet sales
Business Area Sales, development and manufacturing of internet related software and IP-PXB. Sales of wireless and cable terminals.
For example IP-PBX on Linux
Key element of our company We have been engaged with developing Linux for many years. With this value experience, we aredeveloping (TLAMP) fusing the voice and the Internet.